News accidents: an overview February 25 – March 3, 2019

An overview of the criminal news and events in Belarus and the world that took place over February 25 – March 3, 2019.

An overview of emergencies, accidents, killings, accidents in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, see the weekly video.

The accident killed the father and the grandmother of the boy: the boy will go on trial. The indictment charged 19-year-old Minsk resident, who was driving a Daewoo Espero, informed in the ACC in the Minsk region.

The child lived a few days with your dead grandmother. According to the Russian mass media with reference to the press service of the MIA of Buryatia, 71-year-old woman to raise 4-year-old boy alone since his mother died three years ago.

Jealous man stabbed a 17-year-old mistress in the eyes of passers-by. Passers-by tried to stop the young man, but he managed to escape. Arrived on the scene ambulance certified death of the victim.

SK checks on the fact of death of men in Minsk, shopping center “Galileo”.

In Luninets with 9 floor of the house fell ill. At present militiamen find out the reasons and circumstances of the tragedy.

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