News accidents: an overview March 6, 2019

An overview of the criminal news and events in Belarus and abroad as of March 6, 2019.

An overview of emergencies, accidents, killings, accidents in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, see the video.

In the center of the Bykhov discovered the body of a teenager. In the framework of a criminal investigation, investigators Bykhov conducted interviews of their peers, teachers and friends of the deceased student, whose body was found in the loop near the building of the recreation centre.

In Svetlogorsk was found hanged of an officer of the Ministry of emergency situations. The first reported local TV channel “rank” without specifying the profession of the deceased. According to TV channel, the man did not return home on March 4, the next day at work did not appear.

Brest police are looking for two girls. Girls could be sent to Russia.

At Grodno CHP-2 was an emergency. At CHP-2 in Grodno shorted electrical equipment. As a result, in the turbine shop of the observed heavy smoke.

Bobruichanka, threw newborn son, will soon be tried. The decision of the court the woman was deprived of parental rights in respect of a newborn baby boy. The criminal case against supernumerary sent to court.

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