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“Not fed and not watered” in Grodno, the owners brought the dog to exhaustion


To militiamen on 7 February, it was reported that in the yard of the house on the street of Victory the dog brought to the point of exhaustion.

About this informed the press service of the Grodno oblast Executive Committee. As it became known, in late December last year, a resident of Hrodna, born in 1981, living in the house, we stopped to go to work.

It was found that the woman and her partner in anticipation of the Christmas holidays began to drink alcohol.

Social workers repeatedly come to the residence of the woman to make sure her 6-year-old daughter all right. However, the woman the door they opened.

The police managed to get into the house. At this time the house was occupied by a drunken woman and her boyfriend, and her mother-the invalid and child.

A dog that was in the yard, fed scraps through the window.

Photo: Department of internal Affairs Grodno regional Executive Committee



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