People’s artist of Belarus Yarmolenko in Ukraine, became the laureate of international prize “person of the year 2018”

On March 23 the head of the Belarusian band “Syabry” in Ukraine presented the award “person of the year 2018”.

People’s artist of Belarus Anatoly Yarmolenko became the laureate of the award “person of the year 2018” in Ukraine. In a solemn ceremony of awarding was attended by the Belarusian Ambassador Igor Sokol. The ceremony took place at the National academic theater of Opera and ballet of Ukraine.

Falcon, in his speech said that Yarmolenko is a cultural figure not only in Belarus, but also Ukraine. The artist was born in Vinnytsia region.

Previously, the Belarusians were also the winners of this award: 2009 – Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Velichko, 2015 – Alexander Tikhanovich and Yadviga Poplavskaya.

The prize is awarded to outstanding social, cultural, academics, and diplomats of Ukraine and foreign countries.

Photo: instagram/anatol.Yarmolenko Slava and Natasha

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