Picture of Banksy’s “Love in the trash” will be presented in Germany

From 5 February to 3 March at the exhibition in Baden-Baden will debut the legendary film “Love in the dustbin”.

The work of street artist Banksy was published due to the destruction of the painting “Girl with balloon”. So she existed in a single copy, the artist has built into the frame for the picture shredder.

At Sotheby’s auction a piece is partially self-destructed. The buyer paid for it almost half a million dollars. During the auction immediately after the fall of the hammer in the frame turned on the paper shredder, isisascii canvas into small strips, which are now hanging from the frame. Survived only part of the job.

Banksy wants a picture in front of lots of people. Exhibition in Germany will be opened within a month.

The Museum Frieder Burda, apparently, gather crowds of tourists.

Photo: Sotheby’s

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