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“Poked in the face with a gun”: the former employee of the Belarusian startups attacked in Moscow


Moscow iniquity: the former commercial Director of a startup Belarusians told about the kidnapping and threats with a gun.

The incident occurred in the Russian capital. A former employee of the eSports streaming platform based on blockchain Play2Live Maria Mavrich said that unknown people attacked, threatened and demanded money.

Information about this was posted on the village Maurach in Facebook. As noted by a former employee of the Belarusian startup, unidentified men pushed her into the car, threatening, began to demand money.

Thus, according to the victim, in her face “poked” a gun two big men. After that she was thrown from the car and left.

Mavraj in his message on the Facebook page makes it clear that it is necessary to return the money that was previously credited to the Belarusian project founder Alexei Burdyko.

Photo: © Banowati


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