Punished for disobedience: the mother posted a 6-year-old son from the 14th floor

Is, what did “mom” in Izhevsk, to imagine in nightmares impossible. A young woman is accused of torture over their own child.

It is known that the 30-year-old defendant in the criminal case resides with her six year old son and another 10 year old boy lives with his father.

In a press-service SK of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Udmurtia said that before the incident, the father took the child to see his mother. The woman that day was home alone with the children. At some point, got cranky younger son, refusing to comply with the requirement of her to put toys away.

The citizen decided to apply strict educational measures. She led the boy to the balcony and hung upside down. We add that the apartment was on the 14th floor.

The eldest child saw it all and with tears in his eyes asked my mom to leave my brother alone. After some time, the sadist brought the boy back to the apartment. According to militiamen, this person had previously done something similar in relation to their children.

Photo: © Banowati

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