Residents blamed the traffic police officers taking bribes, but then “changed his mind”

The incident happened on international women’s day.

08.03.2019 on the highway P-23 Minsk dweller exceeded the speed of 33 km/h. the inspector she said she was speeding on the “inattention” and “thinking about their problems”. The details of the incident reported to the police Department of the Minsk oblast Executive Committee.

In addition to excessive speed, 31-year-old woman was driving in the left lane when the right lane is free, which is also a violation. The woman was discharged the minimum fines for both violations of – 3 and 1 base value. For lack of inspection, traffic police have to give you a warning.

The story did not end there. The husband of a citizen, when he learned about the punishment in the form of fines, determined to avenge the inspectors. For this he called in regional Department of traffic police and said that the inspectors received from his wife a bribe of $ 100.

However, to “punish” law enforcement the man came out, because the whole administrative process was filmed on video. As a result my husband from Minsk did not write the statement and asked not to punish him severely. His act he explained that the misunderstood wife.

In relation to men was made the administrative Protocol under article 17.6 of the administrative code. He had to spend a few hours in the police station, where he explained his behavior.

Photo: © Banowati

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