Home Accidents “Soyuzmultfilm” will produce 20 more episodes of “Buttermilk”

“Soyuzmultfilm” will produce 20 more episodes of “Buttermilk”


Loved by many the story about Uncle Fyodor will be continued.

Film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” will take another 20 episodes of “Buttermilk”.

The development of new episodes is now underway. According to official spokesman, the network is already available to view the first ten episodes.

To continue the popular cartoon on YouTube has even created a separate channel. There you can easily find the “Return to Buttermilk.”

By the way, in late summer, viewers can see the full-length version of one of the animated films. A humorous picture called “Suvorov”, a story about a boy Grisha, will not leave indifferent.

Photo: screenshot of the cartoon


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