The attempt of a whale to swallow a diver caught on video

In South Africa, a 51-year-old diver miraculously escaped from the jaws of the whale.

A unique case occurred in Port Elizabeth. A group of divers engaged in underwater photography, when one of them almost got swallowed by a whale.

Video of the incident appeared online. Rainer Schimpf said that he removed the fish and feared sharks, but nearly became a victim of another huge mammal.

At some point, Rainer felt his eyes darkened, and thighs anything much squeezed. Colleagues of a diver watched in horror as he found himself in a whale.

To escape the diver managed to miraculously. Whales mostly eat plankton and almost never attack people. Apparently, the man was not interested, and kit him out.

Photo: Pixabay

Video: YouTube

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