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The birthday train over fire and resuscitation


In the train Kiev — Mironovka shooting began three brawlers was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

The incident occurred at the station Karapyshi, when three drunken passengers boarded the train. One of the company celebrated its 33rd birthday.

Men behaved inappropriately and brazenly tried to get into the cab and even applied the emergency brake, using a system of “stop-the crane”.

In the train was also a worker of the militarized protection in the form of who tried to calm brawlers.

Men don’t understand, then the passenger pulled a gun and, after a warning shot fired active attacker in the legs. Then the shots happened in the direction of the other bullies.

Drunken hooligans were hospitalized: one with a wound to the chest and abdomen in the intensive care unit, two in the surgical ward.

Photo: © Banowati


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