The carnage of “Game of thrones” will go down in the history of television

Actor from Slovakia Vladimir Furdik, who played the role of King of the night in the television series “Game of thrones”, spoke about the final scene of the eighth season.

It is reported that the American TV series “Game of thrones” will be released next year – it is removed on motives of the works of American science fiction writer George R. R. Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire”.

Actor Vladimir Furdik decided to meet with fans and informed them that the legendary battle scene will go down in the history of television. This was reported in the publication “European radio for Belarus”

According to the actor, the carnage will not be in the last episode, and in the third series.

Recall that the seventh season of American series “Game of thrones” was released in 2017. The last scene, where the army of “zombie” sneaks onto a huge wall, scored 16.5 million hits.

Photo: from open sources

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