The cat went for a walk. Returned after 5 years

Five years ago, lost cat. Recently a pet back to its owner. It happened in the U.S. city of Salisbury (Massachusetts).

According to The Daily News of Newburyport, Eleanor of Repucci released Larry to walk in August 2013. Nothing boded trouble. The animal always came home, answered when he was called and had never gone away.

That day on the street it was freezing, so I was sure that he would soon return. Since then I never saw him again, – the woman tells.

A few weeks hostess and her family members searched for the missing cat. In the end I decided that he ran into the woods and, most likely, will not return.

But after five years, employees of the animal shelter informed Elinor that he found her pet. And managed to contact the owner only because he was microchipped.

It turned out that the cat has been in a different city, located 32 km from the place of residence of Repucci. Someone from passers-by noticed a homeless animal and called the orphanage. Larry safely returned to their hearth and home. At the conclusion of the vets, he’s completely healthy.

Photo: Elinore Repucci

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