The court has pronounced a sentence “to black realtors” from Ashmyany

In Ashmyany has sentenced a father and son, who fraudulently took possession of five other apartments: 29 year old man goes to jail for 9 years, his 52-year-old father – 8.

According to the publication, “Perspective,” the attackers committed the crime for three years. During this time they fraudulently took possession of five apartments in Minsk and Grodno regions.

The criminals acted according to a typical scheme of “black realtors”: acquainted with persons who had debts for utilities, came to them in the trust and offered to exchange the apartment in a private house. The difference in the money they promised to return. Of course, no money defrauded apartment owners did not see.

The court found the accused guilty of fraud in especially large size and decided: to appoint the 29-year-old man punishment in the form of 9 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony under strict regime with confiscation of property. His father, the court appointed the same penalty for a period of 8 years.

Photo: © Banowati

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