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The family of Michael Jackson wants to sue for $ 100 million


The family of Michael Jackson has filed a statement of claim. Require a hundred million dollars from HBO’s documentary on legendary singer. The picture is called “Leaving Neverland”, – informs Rolling Stone.

The authors claim see the problem in the contract channel, concluded with the representative of the musician in 1992, when they broadcast his concert in Bucharest. Under the agreement, HBO can not make statements that may affect the honor and dignity of Michael Jackson, his family and employees.

Recently a TV channel released a trailer for the aforementioned film. It tells about how the main characters of the film spent his childhood Jackson and his estate. The family of the singer believes that both cheat and defame the honor of the musician.

The channel is not going to give up. His representatives said that the film will be shown on 3 and 4 March. “This will give everyone the opportunity to see the picture and decide for yourself how much there is of truth,” they say.

Photo: Pixabay


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