The girl-seller told how knocked out unruly buyer

Heroine appeared on the Internet video knockout of the drunken men in the beer store was a 22-year-old Russian, who works as a seller of the beer store.

About this informed the Russian mass media with reference to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. As it became known, the girl-seller spent several years in Thai Boxing.

On the unfortunate for the buyer, rowdy day, he went to the store and started a conflict with one of the men, grasping the latter by the lapels and began to beat his head on the refrigerator.

The seller responded quickly. The girl came out from behind the counter and struck several blows with rowdy, causing the burly man fell to the floor. Within 10 minutes the man could not stand up and fight for the visitors, lying on the floor.

Arrived on-call doctors diagnosed men ankle fracture. A few days later the man returned to the store and apologized to the saleswoman.

Photo: screenshot of video

Video: Youtube 07tvru

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