The homeless man admitted that he had invented the problem, against which he donated 400 thousand dollars

Residents of the United States came up with a sad story about the veteran who gave the last money to help strangers.

Homeless veteran johnny Bobbitt and Kate McClure admitted that they went to the deception that brought them more than 400 thousand dollars on the crowdfunding. About it have informed local mass-media.

So, 36-year-old man has admitted money laundering, and a woman in the fraud.

Now the girl faces up. She probably will serve his sentence while in prison 33 months. A homeless man faces 30 months in prison.

It is known that the sad story was published on the website for donations GoFundMe. The girl said that a homeless man bought her a canister to last $ 20. Then 14 thousand people gathered over 400 thousand dollars.

Photo: © Banowati

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