The Mogilev filed for divorce for the sake of “work in Switzerland”. Wife was in for a surprise

The girl had been tricked into divorce inhabitant of Mogilyov, to divert him from his family.

The police Department of Leninski district of Mogilev local resident addressed a complaint against her husband. She said that her husband decided to divorce her to get a prestigious job in Switzerland. She felt that her husband want to cheat and decided to contact the police.

Law enforcement officers found that the man was regularly received on your phone deals on paid work in Switzerland. To become rich and successful alien to Mogilev needed to fulfill just two conditions: to sell the apartment and to divorce his wife. The man did not hesitate filed for divorce, and forced his wife to contact the police.

In a situation sorted out employees of the departments for disclosure of crimes in sphere of high technologies. It turned out that reports of the employment of the man sent his longtime friend, who wanted to destroy his marriage and take away from the family.

The situation was resolved peacefully. The girl to prosecute did not. She apologized for his actions and promised not to disturb a married man. The woman has addressed in militia, sent a thank you to the policemen Vadim Sviridov and Paul, Konovalenko who helped her keep the family together.

Photo: Pixabay

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