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“The mountain of debris, the wire is rooted in the body”: the girl-Mowgli is found in a Metropolitan apartment


Girl alone in struggling with a serious illness, the house had neither light nor water, and the parents were doing their thing.

Residents of the house on the Leningrad highway in Moscow heard the children’s screams and loud cries, and could not remain indifferent to what is happening.

Over a long period, the child was in a living hell. The rescuers who have arrived on a call of neighbours, was shocked by what he saw in the apartment.

Moscow apartment where he was able to get the police, was littered with debris, the house lacked electricity and water, the Wallpaper was ripped off. A girl-Mowgli is found in the den, which the child has built himself out of rags and waste.

The found the girl not more than five years. The child does not speak, the girl is scared and very dirty. The doctors examined the baby, found her festering disease, but also the wire that was wrapped around his neck and literally rooted in it.

The girl’s mother, 47-year-old woman, was detained by neighbors, kind of looked neat, works as a cleaner.

In fact the incident is under investigation.

Photo: © Banowati

Video: life.ru


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