The policeman shot the dog near Minsk

On the evening of 1 March, the police shot and killed a stray dog in Gatovo agrogorodok.

In the group “state of emergency of Belarus,” the social network “Vkontakte” posted a video which depicted footage of inhuman cruelty.

The user group wrote that the action of the video takes place in the agro town of Gatovo Minsk district street Metallurgical. As reported by an unknown user, in the yard of the house № 42 a few days wandering stray dog and no one interfered until bitten by a street cat. Several local residents decided that a dog is sick with rabies and dangerous for people.

Instead call the animal control people somehow decided to call the police. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers have not invented anything better than to shoot the dog. From the received wounds the dog died.

Photo: © Banowati

Video: VKontakte

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