The seller in Klimovichi district alone lost three robbers

In Klimovichi district to the seller of trading pavilion in the agro-town was able to cope alone with three robbers, one of whom was with a knife.

On awarding courageous young man a monetary award and letter of thanks today, December 5, reported the press service of the Department of internal Affairs (UVD) of Mogilev regional Executive Committee.

Attempt of a robbery of shop in agro Zvenchatka took place on 21 October. That evening I went to the store three of them, one of them began to threaten the seller with a knife and demanding money. However, the robbers did not realize that the seller, Nikita Belyaev, six months ago he returned from the army, served in internal troops of the interior Ministry.

“Lightning technique, he disarmed the robber with a blow of his fist knocked the second. Jumped to the door, pushed her so that the third, undersized, underpinning the door from the outside, flew headlong to the earth,” – said the press service of the Ministry.

After that, the hapless robbers fled by car, however the young man managed to photograph the rooms and the malefactors, who were Russian citizens, was detained.

Photo: Department of internal Affairs of Mogilev regional Executive Committee

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