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The tragedy at the school in the Columns: all that is known


Today, February 11, at school No. 2 in the Columns to the tragedy: a teenager killed a teacher and a classmate. At the moment the following is known.

What happened

A 10th grade student named Vadim (born in 2003) came to the school, left in the class the backpack and left. He then again went to the office and stabbed the 50-year-old teacher of history and social science, and two students who tried to intercede for her. The victim died at the scene.

After that, the teenager walked to another class, stabbed 17-year-old boy and fled. The second victim also died on the spot.


After a short time the police found the assailant in the stairwell of one of the houses, and if he had a knife. House the teenager searched and seized computer equipment. The investigation will be to conduct the Main investigation Department of the Central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the case is under personal control head of the IC of Belarus Ivan Nosevich.

The condition of the victims

The victims, boys 15 and 16 years, operated on, they are in intensive care in serious but stable condition, for consultation in Stolbtsy CRB sent doctors from Minsk.

The motives and characteristics of the assailant

The motives of the crime are established, investigators interrogate witnesses and parents of the student. At school the family of Vadim characterize positively on the account at the social services it was. According to preliminary information, the conflict with the teacher or classmates of the attacker was not.

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