The us diplomat was trying to sneak in Sheremetyevo mine with fuse

In Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport employee of the U.S. Embassy tried to Board a flight with mine in the Luggage. Had to let him go.

The incident occurred on March 9. Mine was discovered during the x-raying of Luggage. Into place at once there arrived bomb experts. The man was detained for questioning.

It turned out that the fuse did not contain explosives. Bomb experts confirmed the device’s security. Himself the diplomat explained that he had purchased the mine for personal collection and didn’t want to draw to the person attention.

The Russian foreign Ministry considered that the incident was a planned provocation by the US. In their opinion, the us diplomat was aware of his act and knew that the empty mine finds on the inspection.

Employee of the U.S. Embassy were released and allowed to go home. He freely flew to new York. Of course, mine was seized.

Photo: © Banowati

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