“The world has never seen.” Out the trailer for “Chernobyl”

A well-known manufacturer and supplier of popular films and TV series the American TV company HBO was pleased with something new.

Previously announced work on the project “Chernobyl” culminated in the release of the first trailer. Mini-series tells about the terrible events that occurred in 1986 at a nuclear power plant.

The film is not so much about the explosion, how about the first days after it. The creators of the show and a mass evacuation of Pripyat residents, as well as rescue operation.

Note that the main role is played by Jared Harris, reincarnated the film in the Soviet scientist Valery Legasov. He is a member of the government Commission, which is investigating the causes of the tragedy, with the elimination of its consequences.

Shooting a small series (five episodes) were held in the capital of Lithuania in April-may last year. Some scenes were shot in Kiev. Premiere of “Chernobyl” is scheduled for may 6.

Photo: still from the TV series

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