Traffic police chased the thief from Różan to Ivatsevichy

In the Brest region, the hijacker ordered a large scale chase with traffic police chased him from Różan to Ivatsevichy.

About it reports a local portal The police received the message on stealing of the car “UAZ Patriot Pickup” of agricultural organizations near Różan. The hijacker ran away from the inspectors to the Ivatsevichy. There it was waited already by local law enforcement officers when they see them, the man turned on the field.

Employees of the Department of conservation has driven him as much as Seebelow the mountain, where the Ivatsevichi intake, reports

In the end, the hijacker crashed into the fence of the water intake and was detained by police officers. Fortunately, during the chase no one was injured.

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In Minsk, the witnesses detained the drunk driver trying to escape after the accident.

Under the Osipovichi wagon rammed a tractor with logs.

Shunting locomotive rammed Opel in Orsha.


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