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Trump has rhyme slogan about building a wall on the border with Mexico


The President of the United States of America Donald trump came up with a new slogan. In such an unusual way, he again raised the fence on the border with Mexico.

Definitely a relevant post appeared in his Twitter. Donald trump using the social network likes to communicate with people.

“The wall will rise, crime will fall. This will be the main slogan for the Republican party for the next two years until the finished wall. Now she is in the process of construction. Think about it and pray,” wrote the President.

Recall the construction of the wall trump demands to allocate 5.7 billion dollars. Otherwise, the budget to sign, he will not. By the way, the state authorities of the United States are on unpaid leave for a month.

Earlier, Donald trump has stated that this wall will help to protect the residents of the United States. After Mexico passed drugs in large quantities that are imported into the territory of the United States.

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