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Two Mogilev robbed in the hospital


Over the last few days in Mogilyov recorded two thefts, committed in the hospital.

As reported by SB Belarus, citing the statement of the Leninski district police Department of Mogilev, in the hospital, a 28-year-old girl stole a gold ring that cost 440 rubles.

Pregnant left a piece of jewelry for a night on the bedside table, but in the morning discovered the loss. The police found out that someone else’s decoration has appropriated 22-year-old resident of Krasnopolsky area, which is also on maternity leave.

The suspect to destroy evidence leaked ring in the toilet. However, it did not save. The girl will face criminal penalties.

The second incident happened to 81-year-old pensioner, who left the house purse with 90 rubles. His decided to give the 41-year-old unemployed neighbor in the office.

Now the issue of excitement concerning it criminal case under article “Theft”.

Photo: © Banowati


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