Under the Town caught a crime boss

The present night was a riot. Near the village ezerishe the Haradok district of the operatives of the Main Department for combating organized crime and corruption, Ministry of internal Affairs with the support of the detachment of special police detained the criminal authority.

Arrested was 51-year-old native of Polotsk, the fugitive in Moscow in the last two years, informed the interior Ministry.

Then, in 2017, this citizen was accused of organizing the criminal activities associated with counterfeiting. In particular, the forged documents he had received “Schengen”, which allowed him to travel to Europe, where he met with foreign “partners.”

“Gatherings” Belarusian discussed with foreign criminals, the joint carrying out illegal operations in the field of automobile business, supply products of sanctions to Russia, the crossing of smuggled cigarettes to the EU and other similar projects.

With the help of Russian colleagues to the Belarusian militiamen found out that the fugitive intends to return home. Was carried out quickly-investigation actions. The offender was detained. Currently he is in jail.

Photo: Pixabay

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