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“Vadim, Sasha was hit many times. And then laughingly ran away”: the students of the school in Columns told about the attack


Students of the school № 2 in the Columns where today teenager killed a teacher and student, said that the assailant was smiling when he entered the classroom with a knife and after the murder “with a laugh, ran away.”

About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

I know a boy of 11 “A” class where it all happened. He was in this office, everything happened in front of him. He told me that Vadim went to the office with a knife and immediately began to smile – says one of the students.

He also said that the assailant had red eyes. Going into the class, Vadim went straight to the end of the room where Sasha was sitting, hit a guy with a knife “many times, and then laughingly ran away.”

Classmates ran for help to a nearby office and found the teacher lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. At this time the assailant fled.

It is also reported that he was found in the stairwell of a three-storey house – he just sat there with a knife.

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