Wedding photographer from USA took the birth of his son

After 12 hours of labor Megan at the right moment took the camera and made a stunning pictures of a newborn son.

29-year-old photographer living in the USA. She recently gave birth to her firstborn son, who was named Easton. About this young mother told users in social networks.

Even before the birth of the baby girl wanted to capture the moment of birth. Many photographers offered their services, but Megan refused them.

So, she made sure that her cell was exposed to the required configuration to obtain the excellent and high quality pictures.

The girl also asked in advance of obstetricians to turn off the overhead lights and leave only the bright lamp, which was located at the end of her bed.

After several hours of labor Megan herself took the camera and took some wonderful shots. According to the young mother, the birth was painful, but the desire to capture the moment helped to cope with this.

Photo: Facebook

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