Widow Bodrov reacted sharply to the film “Brother-3”

The widow of famed actor Sergei Bodrov commented on the shooting of the crime drama “Brother-3”.

The spouse of the deceased legendary actor of the film “Brother-2” Svetlana Bodrova called up to make a sequel film “nonsense from the Internet”. The woman did not even bother to discuss the details of the new film.

Negatively and other actors who participated in a cult picture. Father Sergei Bodrov, who also starred in two parts, sees no reason to remove the third. There were those who spoke obscene words about “Brother-3”.

We will remind, recently the showman Stas Baretsky decided to make a sequel to the film “Brother-2”. The main role he invited famed not so long ago, “sinologa pitching” Cyril Tereshina. Along with “Hands-Bazooka” will be removed Nikita Dzhigurda, Anastasia and Olga Buzova.

Fans of the film “Brother-2” in social networks write that Barely decided to just “hypnoti”, which means to become famous the easy way.

Photo: still from the film


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