World news: an overview 4-9 March 2019

An overview of recent global political, economic and sports news in the world that have occurred in the 4-9 March 2019.

All major world news, including news from Russia, Ukraine, see in the weekly video review.

Died lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint. The body of the musician was found at his home in Dunmow.

Forbes named the richest woman in the world in 2019. Forbes magazine named the richest woman in 2019, the successor of cosmetic Empire L’oreal Francoise Bettencourt-Myers.

In the UK, will soon open first prison for transgender people. It is reported that the prison will be located in the South of the British capital. The first prisoners will become criminals, who are men, but consider themselves women.

Man before the death has sent the enemies of the parcel bombs. It is known that such “surprise” received only those whom the man believed his enemies. About the incident, local media reported.

In the United States are secret records of journalists and lawyers to help the migrants. Representatives of the U.S. government in the first place pay attention to those lawyers, who help migrants to get a job in the country.

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