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World news: an overview from 11 to 16 March 2019


An overview of recent global political, economic and sports news in the world that occurred during 11-16 March, 2019.

All major world news, including news from Russia, Ukraine, see in the weekly video review.

American’s most wanted murderer arrested. In 2014, he killed his beloved and her dog. Immediately, the man decided to go to another state in order not to be found.

The woman cut my arm off for the insurance money. The girl counted to 383 thousand Euro at once and was hoping for a monthly allowance of 3 thousand euros.

From Germany to Eurovision goes nun-lesbian. The nun picked on the results of the tele-voting and jury evaluations.

In Sweden opened a vacancy of a slacker with a salary of $2 thousand per month. Two Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby said that in 2025, will take on the job of the person have nothing to do.

A concerned father came to school with an AK-47 and threatened teachers with violence. To release on bail a caring father can not. A criminal case was opened.

In Canada men have added 8 weeks of maternity leave. It is worth noting that standard vacation lasts 35 weeks. Now it will be extended to 40 weeks.


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