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World news: an overview March 12, 2019


An overview of recent global political, economic and sports news for March 12, 2019.

All major world news, including news from Russia, Ukraine, see the video.

In Britain, they’ll make a film for adults, who “is not ashamed to show to children.” Five mothers from the UK who was horrified from watching online porn, made the decision to remove your own movie that is not ashamed to show the kids.

The passenger tried to throw coins in the engine of the plane for good luck. They were detained as soon as the airport employees have seen their actions.

The richest resident of London, was the Russian. Such data are cited by the Forbes magazine. The condition of the billionaire is estimated at $ 15 billion.

In Britain is testing a payment card with a fingerprint scanner. This technology was previously tested in Cyprus and in other countries.

Accused of harassment by ex-employee at Google has received $45 million Vice-President Amit Singhal, who was accused of sexual harassment received from Google severance pay in the amount of $ 45 million.


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